Setting up a Login & have a few question

I’m using a .php script named I downloaded from
I setup my database and created my data-fields.
I can access the admin page and create new users, edit things with no problems.
I can login, but it goes nowhere…
I’m not sure what goes into a page to protect it, also a protect-file for a directory.

What do I place in a web-page (the code) that makes the user login?
(My admin has code that is suppose to be placed at the start of the page, but it don’t seem to work)

This is the code for a page (admin-page gave me):
/************* Membership V2.0 ******/

Released by, under the GPL License, a
copy of it should be attached to the zip file, or
you can view it on
Membership V2.0 *******************/

//Call Database & Connect

//Call functions


//Login Check Page

if($is_logged == false){
//Disconnect Database
die(‘You need to login before accessing this page.’);

//If Database access is not needed anymore,

This is the code for a directory (admin-page gave me this code):
AuthUserFile /Membership/extras/.free.fdaccess

AuthName “Please Log In”
AuthType Basic
require valid-user

But it don’t seem to work either.

Question #2:
Can anyone help me?
I’m sure I’m very close to having this working, just need a little help.


How long ago did you get the script. That domain is just a parked page now. You might not want to use something that is not around anymore. In any case, you are missing some important code from your post. Please provide all the files so we can help you.

Here’s where I got the script
It’s seems like what I was looking for even though it’s using some older files.
Membership, admin, capcha, email, newsletter…

Here are some of the files (can only attach 4 at a time).
The attach system on this web-site won’t let me upload a .php file, should I convert the to .txt?
I used the included install.php for initial setup, had a couple of problems but worked them out.
The readme.txt explianed things pretty good, but was fuzzy on exactly what when into the web-page I wanted to protect.
The 2 snippets of code I posted earlier came out of the admin page (section on protecting files).

There are 66 files in 9 folders.
These are some of the files that re-direct to login & registration.

Should I .zip them all and attach them?


readme.txt (1.77 KB)

It was easier for me to just download it from the site. It uses old Deprecated code. You need code that is in PDO or Mysqli.

This code is totally insecure and dangerous. Do not use it period.

  • The download link you provided has nowhere near the amount of files you said. Where did you get all the rest of the files?

I screwed up!
This isn’t where I got the code (tried many and don’t remember the site location).
I’m attaching the .zip file I used.

Seems the site was an ongoing free membship script that a community was developing, just don’t remember the site name.
Sorry… (493 KB)

Ok, Same comments still apply. Old, Deprecated, insecure code. Don’t use it.

Ok, Thanks for the help…


I’ve got a nice script from Funky-Vision that seems secure, but again I can’t get email to work.
It’s PHP Membership V2.

Got the script working (not much to do, because it’s all done from an Admin page).

Is this script alright?

Thats the same exact script I first told you was no good.

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