Beginners - Learning PHP

A forum for beginning PHP programmers to ask questions. Please, no flames or put downs. There are no dumb questions only dumb answers and there probably are few truly dumb answers because they often lead to better ones.

General PHP Help

General questions about PHP programming. If you’re having problem with your PHP code and need help - post your question and/or code here. If you want to request a specific script or code snippet - post it to the Code Snippets forum.
Please post questions pertaining to installation and configuration of PHP to the Installation and Configuration forum.

Javascript & Ajax

Anything related to javascript.

MySQL database

Have questions concerning MySQL database? Post them here.

Help with WordPress

This board is dedicated to WordPress - a popular content management system. WordPress based website may be customized by means of themes, plugins and widgets. If you’re experiencing problem configuring your WordPress - post your questions/requests to this board.


Ask HTML and CSS questions here.

PHP Installation and Configuration

Please post your questions on how to install or configure PHP on Unix or Windows platforms here.

The Occasional Tutorial

For the occasional tutorial. I hope to post an occasional brief tutorial, but feel free to post your own!

Code Snippets

Feel free to post and discuss any helpful Working PHP code snippets.

General Database (Oracle, SQL Server, etc)

Accessing a relational database from PHP applications, executing SQL queries, etc.


Stop in and introduce yourself. This is a non-technical forum. Please save your technical or programmatic questions for a more appropriate forum

General Chat

General Chat… Not PHP Programming specific (Use the other Categories for that). Get Friendly… Be sociable and talk about whatever.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Security and PHP

Talk about web application/script security here.

PHP Freelancing

Are you a coder looking for work? Are you a person or company looking to hire a freelancer?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization forum for discussing anything and everything related to SEO.

Comments and Questions

Feel free to post here any questions about website, and your comments or suggestions on how we can improve our website.

Website Reviews

Want your website reviewed, just asked!

Website Announcements

Keep up to date with news about the site.

Pluck CMS

Pluck is your small and simple content management system, written in php. With pluck, you can easily manage your own website without knowledge of programming languages.