PHP/MySql specialist, particularly in the area of search engines, sought after


I was trying to implement a change to the search engine system of my php website myself, I did a little basic preparatory work and found myself staring at the screen blankly trying the most stupid things.

I won’t give too much details here, but I have a search engine already built in, it’s not a basic one, it’s one that came with the templates from my web radio station, so variables all set, all sorts of references everywhere. which makes it more difficult than building from scratch, and now I would like to improve it and use a drop down menu for 3 fields, the results at the moment leave a lot to be desired when you search for something and it can be in one of 3 fields and returns zillion of entries (I managed the drop down box html code :P) but the code in the class file is just too complex to adapt the code,. I found all sorts of examples but really that didn’t help me. This really requires someone who’s got experience with the search engines side of things who can look at the code and understand what’s going on. If anyone is interested I can give you all the relevant files and quite a bit of explanation on how the whole thing works. I am attaching the most important file, at least, this shows the search part and you can evaluate yourself, there are more parts to this of course (the connection to the DB is via a config file for example) but the work would be done in this file here, it’s not the live file, I duplicated all the relevant files with a different name for testing purposes. The function is this one

public static function getPlaylistSongs($search_words, $sort_letter, $start, $limit) {

at line 214. Also what is very important is that this function also serves to display ALL songs in the DB so that part needs to carry on to function as before… anyway ;D

Thanks (18.6 KB)

I will take a look at it. Email me a zip file of ALL the files including the database sql. Click on my username for my email.

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