Multi Pages Submit

Hi people i hope you are all staying safe and well.

I have a form that i need coding help with.

This form is an order form it has multiple categories and multiple check boxes.

If i put everything on one form it would scroll for ages.

Lets say for example i have the following categories


Each of these categories has multiple check boxes to select.

The first part of the form the user fill out their details name address contact e mail etc.

When they click next it then asks a question for example do you require any adhesives (first category). If they choose yes it shows the page with the adhesives on where they can select as many check boxes as they want.
when they click next it saves the information and it will go to another question for example do you require any sealants (2nd category) and so on.

if the user clicks no to adhesives it will go to next question do you require any sealants.

once all step have been filled out the submit button will be used as normal form action for example action =“code.php” and will submit all the information gathered.

At the moment the field name for the multiple check box is Lang[] and the value is 1::::2.79::Showerproof Bathroom Silicone 310ml White going up in increments for each check box value . Next to check box is a amount box field name qnty[]

Easiest way is to add it to the session.

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