youtube help

hi all,
does anyone know how to list all the videos from a YouTube playlist or upload list in php.
what i want to do is list my videos on my own site without having to add code to the page every time i make a video.
thanks in advance.
i want them listed individually like when you look at someones uploaded videos.


<?php $cont = json_decode(file_get_contents('[PLAYLIST_ID]/?v=2&alt=json&feature=plcp')); ?> <?php $feed = $cont->feed->entry; ?> <?php if(count($feed)): foreach($feed as $item): // youtube start ?> <?php echo $item->title->{'$t'} ?>
<?php echo $item->{'media$group'}->{'media$description'}->{'$t'} ?> <?php endforeach; endif; // youtube end ?>


source :

you can try that , i dont do google api so i searched google and came up with that

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