Your dev setup

Following on from the Computer Specs thread, it got me wondering what you guys use to do your dev work.

What software do you use to write your programs/scripts, what operating systems do you use and test your stuff on and what operating systems are you using to do this on.

I know it might sound a bit geeky but it could be a good way to learn how others do things.

I’m running Windows Vista on the laptop, i use EasyPHP for local testing with a custom script that uploads the contents of my local dev directory as soon as there is a change.

I code in Primal Script and make the occasional change in CuteFTP Pro’s editor.

I did have my laptop running Ubuntu but i couldn’t live without Photoshop.

So come on then guys. What tools do you use?


Ubuntu machine:

  • anything. Even GEdit has syntax highlighting and that’s generally the most important feature of a text editor to me (I rarely use specialized text/php editors).
  • MySQL5 + PHP5
  • GIMP

I need to learn how to set up my user/group settings though :confused:

XP machine:

  • Textpad5
  • Photoshop7
  • MySQL5 + PHP5 (the portable version)

I do most of my dev work right on my production machine but in a folder used for the development. When I have it working, it’s an easy copy and paste to where it’s intended. This way I know it’s going to work on my configuration.

@ andrewlondon - Can’t live without photo shop, ehh? Have you looked into gimp at all. I use it for all my photo editing on my windows machine.

When editing files for the PHP/Web, I use VI with syntax highlighting It’s a bit difficult at first but I think it’s better than some of the other options.

To be quite honest with you I’m running on Ubuntu (the XP machine hasn’t been switched on for weeks) and I really do miss Photoshop. I’ve tried to use the GIMP, but there are just things that GIMP can’t do (or at least I haven’t discovered how), like borders around text for example. The look and feel is too different I think. I know my way around Photoshop, like hotkeys, options, etc. In the GIMP, I’m gonna have to learn this stuff all over again. And the GIMP isn’t exactly the greatest program in the world when it comes to the learning curve …

I am running WinXP Pro, I use WAMP and develop in Homesite 5+. I checked into serveral others, but I found it has a lot of nice features I like. Plus doesn’t get cluttered with a bunch of crap I don’t need. It knows, PHP From Javascript, From HTML and keeps the color coding diffrerent for them all, makes it really nice. I am sure most do this, but the one I have to work with here at my full-time job sucks!

I totally agree with you, i’ve been using photoshop for years and i can knock up graphics so quickly but when i use the gimp i end up scratching my head and spending all my time trying to get to grips with it.

I’ve tried gimpshop but again it just isn’t photoshop. It’s the only program i can’t do without. It’s just a pity the wine guys can’t get cs2 working :D

I was very pleased with Ubuntu though… i found it great to work on…

I use Debian etch and i’m one of these emacs freaks. :roll: )

Notepad + Appservnetwork install…


I haven’t used Fireworks much at all, but I thought Fireworks was a vector graphics based application, where as photoshop was a bitmap based application?

Freehend is the vector based app from Macromedia. Fireworks is 100% pixel/bitmap based (it’s native format is PNG [with some more data at the end]).
it just had good support for verctors/shapes very early (lot of them were integrated in photoshop later)
And it always was focused on Web (e.g. the whole thing u get when u use “export for web” in photoshop is exactly copied from the standard Fireworks interface, same with slices).
That are as well the main reasons why i used Fireworks instead of Photoshop, and because i never got used to the Macintosh feeling in the earlier Windows versions of Photoshop.

But i’m not using it anymore :(

P.S.: i’m not really sad. cause i’m useing a much better operating system now, witch only lacks a decent editor.

Oh, ok… I had those 2 mixed up! My bad sorry.

Guess it really doesn’t matter anymore since Adobe bought Macromedia a while back and the new CS3 packages come with products from both companies. All converted to Adobes look.

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