Your applications

What applications have you written so far? What made your write them? This does not have to be PHP-specific, any language or script will do I guess. I’m just interested in what others have developed (or are developing) besides playing 20 questions on :P

I haven’t really written a lot. I’ve written a little math exercise script which gives you, say, 2 * 7 = ? and then times how long it takes you to finish X amount of those. It’s written in PHP and uses the commandline solely. I did it because I got bored and had an hour to kill (so I started doing exercises).

I’m perpetually in the process of writing a modular website script: the core is required, and deals with an admin panel and the logging in and out of users. Optional modules can be a forum, news articles/frontpage/portal, user profile pages/memberlist, gallery, etc. I haven’t really done anything about that in awhile though. This one’s also written in PHP.

I’ve also written a little PHP script for work that opens a CSV file with usernames in it, and checks it against a (self-generated) list of IDs. If it can’t find a username in that list, it’ll ask for the ID, and update the list (since I need to run this script monthly, this list is quite important - about 250 users need to be matched against their IDs).

I’ve also tried my hands on making an application that will automate the Collectable Card Game concept, with an original set of cards. This was done in C#, but so far, only the client has been (half-)implemented. I really gotta get back to finishing at least a server as well.

I think that’s it. If I remember anything else that I’ve made, I’ll be sure to post it here.

Let’s see. I have currently written an application (at work) that takes a file that we received via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and process it into our order handling system (Picking system). Then on the back side, I process data to send back to the customer (again by EDI) in an ASN (Advanced Ship Notice) File.

The interface themselves aren’t very impressive but their is quite a bit of database interaction and file manipulation.

To support “Troubleshooting” of problems. I have written an application that will present essentially all the data required (from start to finish) for a particular order, invoice, pick ticket, shipment. In fact it’s searchable by any of those.

My next step is to take that intensive interface and make it “Updatable” so that I can correct the errors with that app rather than writing a manual SQL statement to update it.

All that was done in Visual Basic.

Where to began… I have written all sorts of applications. I guess the most complicated application using php was a casino event ticketing system. Allowed an admin to setup the type of show the seating and costs of the seats in a sections. Allowed for block ordering and such. Which was all databased and done by credit card transactions. So the casino would get the payment and could send out or hold tickets for their customers.

Me another developer developed a Kiosk project using flash and zinc. The was the most flaky system I have ever since, but we did what we need to do to get the job done! :)

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