Yahoo Invisible Script - Please Help

Hello everyone,

I would appreciate it so much if you could help me with some code for Yahoo Invisible type pages, I’ve been searching for so long on the Internet and I’ve only found scripts that rely on other webpages (that much I could figure with my poor knowledge of PHP).
I have read this forum’s rules and I did try to do my homework before I posted, been searching for so so so long.

I know this is out of the blue and I wouldn’t be asking, but it is literally a matter of life and death and I have no one to turn to.

I promise I will owe you with any photo editing or webdesign I know how to do and I will do my best.

Thank you for looking at this topic.

Can you clarify what do you mean by Yahoo invisible type pages? Do you mean you need a script that will detect user’s status (online/offline) by Yahoo id?

Online/Offline + Invisible :frowning: I had managed to find just Offline/Online, in my many many attempts to find some working script.

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