Writing Software over to MySQLI


After thinking for a while I am not sure if I am capable of writing my software over to MYSQLI. I do not have a lot of knowledge of PHP, most I made are simple scripts.

So I wonder if there is someone here who wants to do the rewriting for me, and maybe while working on it has ideas for optimizing my scripts as well?
The website is a pedigree database.

I am willing to pay for this all and hope it will be in total not that expensive for the work I ask?
If you need more info or want more specifics please feel free to PM me.

Welcome Laramischa !

Well, we have a section where you can “Hire-A-Programmer”. I am sure if you post in that area, you will
find one of us to help you for money. But, in my humble opinion, MySQLi is very simple and you most likely
can do it yourself with some help from us.

I will be willing to help you get started and I can give you some tutorials on how to do various parts of
your project. Your choice on which way to go. If you want to hire someone, click on the PHP Forum tab
at the top and find the section where programmers are looking for work. It is clearly marked. If you want
to try it yourself, it really is quite simple for most standard projects.

Let us know if you just want help or if you want to give it a try…

Thanks to all who emailed me.
I am looking into MySQLI now with all the info I have gotten.
Thanks again.

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