WP User Frontend pro / Featured image from liabrary

im using WP User Frontend pro in a site where users will be submitting stories which comes in episodes.
so most of the times they need to upload the same featured image.
is there anyway users can select an image that they uploaded previosuly?
also users should not see images uploaded by other users.

refer the answer i got when i submit this on theri forum

Yes, you can achieve this with WP User Frontend Pro. With the Pro version, you can create a custom form with a file upload field. You can enable the ‘Allow Multiple Files’ option to allow users to select multiple images.

In addition, you can restrict the upload field to only accept images and also enable the ‘Only Allow user to upload files they have uploaded before’ option. This will allow users to select images that they have previously uploaded.

You can also enable the ‘Hide files uploaded by other users’ option, so that users will not be able to see images uploaded by other users.

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