Wordpress - Dynamically Insert Variable into Title/Description/Keywords

Trying to figure out how I can dynamically pass Keywords through AIOSEP into pages and posts from URL string.

For example, hxxp://testsite.com/state/?kw=Cheese

How do I insert “Cheese” into the Title and Description and Keywords for a given page or posts? I know AIOSEP can pull in Page Title, Post Title into the Title, however how do you pull items from a url string?

I currently have Exec-PHP and Deactivate Visual Editor plugins installed and I am capable of dynamically inserting keywords in the Body through php code [php]<? echo ($_GET['kw']) ?>[/php] but when i insert this code in the Title, Description or Keywords in AIOSEP within the Post/Page it is simply ignored.

I think the issue is that calling a php statement within a php statement. Here’s whats in the Header that pulls in the header.
[php]<?php wp_title(''); ?>[/php]

im new to php so any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated


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