Woocommerce cart page


Hello, I would like help with regards to Products on the cart page.

I want that when Product A has X number of items in the cart, then remove Product B from the cart


Woocommerce is a “library” for handling carts. It is designed to use a base template and then you can have your own theme template and use it to make it customized for your personal use.

The cart handling is handled in the library. I doubt that anyone here has the exact version you have, so we can not duplicate your problem. But, removing products from a cart has had problems in the past for many Woocommerce users. Here is a link that talks about some of these issues. Hopefully, this might help you solve your problem. Otherwise, we would need more info about which version of the library you are using and if you have a custom template in place. Maybe other questions. But, hope this helps!