Will you help me?


I’m new to PHP and would really like to learn it but i find that most tutorials don’t explain well enough for me to figure out what its talking about. I’m asking if anyone will help me learn PHP via IM (yahoo, MSN, IMVU, or AIM). Any reply’s are especially appreciated.

NOTE: For now all i want to do is learn how to build a basic wedsite for a project i’m working on. Basically all the website will be is a couple pages that explain the project and a fourm for people to sing up for my page.

Thank you very much,


Have you checked out the Tutorials section on this forum? I assume you’ve searched Google or any other search engine for some good tutorials. What exactly did you not understand about them? Do you have a PHP environment to play around in? I’ve found out that tinkering with PHP scripts is quite a fast way to learn PHP.

On a sidenote: we will not contact you through PM, IM or email, as this is a discussion board, where things will be discussed out in the open. On that same sidenote: we don’t do personal tutoring, as our time is valuable and our hours are limited :wink:


Perhaps if you give us you current knowledge what you do know or what you have questions on, we could help clear some of that up for you.