Why is index.php/html/register is running php from index.php


First post so go easy on me.

I hope this is a simple problem. Unfortunately, I have wasted too much time researching it and not knowing why this is happening makes me feel very inept.

I have an index.php.
When I go to index.php/html/register.php it is acting like index.php.
Is this normal? I have no idea why this is happening.
This happens no matter what I type after index.php/

How can I get it to run a page other than index.php?

I should elaborate

Everything only acts like index.php once I set the $_SESSION[‘logged_in’] and set a setcookie(‘username’,$_POST[‘username’],$expiration);

Thoughts?! dying here.

I think I understand.

I have php that says if($_SESSION[‘logged_in’] == false)
{some code
in index.php

I just don’t understand why this runs when I’m not on index.php…

problem solved and I’m tired.


There is probably url rewrite rules in the .htaccess that rewrite any url that look like this:


to something like this:


So to if you want to run page other than index.php you just need to modify rules in your .htaccess

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