Why doesn't this preg_replace work?

Theres something I’m missing, could someone enlighten me? For some reason it just WONT replace the spaces with dashes. The titler function works outside of the bbcode class, formats the string inside the bbcode class fine, but won’t swap out the spaces! WRYYY!
class BBCode{
public function parse($str) {

    $simple_search = array(

    $simple_replace = array(
                            '<span class="highlight">$1</span>',
                            '<a name="$1"></a>',
	$str = preg_replace ($simple_search, $simple_replace, $str);
    return $str;

public function titler($in){
	$sec = preg_replace("@\[email protected]", "-", $in);
    $out = '<a name="'.$sec.'" href="#'.$sec.'"><span class="title">'.$in.' - &gt;</span></a>';
	return $out;

$bbcode = new BBCode();
$txt = $bbcode->parse("[title]this is a test[/title]some words

omg HTML

echo $txt;

thanks for reading. =]

Ran this by a few of my friends, we all googled around, maybe we’re thinking of the wrong keywords, still can’t figure it out!

What spaces are you talking about ? :smiley:


The spaces in the string captured from the title bbcode, which is then inserted into the tag hyphenated in the href and name, but not in the innerHTML of the tag. The hyphens do not appear as they should per the line:
[php]$sec = preg_replace("@\[email protected]", “-”, $in);[/php]

Again, the titler function WORKS (as in inserts hyphens appropriately) when called directly, but doesnt when called through as a preg_replacement.

The anticipated output being:

<a name="this-is-a-test" href="this-is-a-test">this is a test</a>


by the time the string gets to the titler function, $in = \1. Meaning that the string doesnt get passed to the function and therefor cant be preg_replaced.

I’ll find a workaround but…Can anyone answer why?

[php]$str = preg_replace_callback(
‘$split = explode(" “,$matches[1]);
$sec = implode(”-",$split);
return “<a name=”$sec" href="#$sec">";’


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