Why are links from my website are not visible

why are links from my website are not visible. Website wasn’t touched for ages, but on the 8th of August links was deleted according to majestic. Links are still there but no majestic or ahrefs can see them. Another issue is that everytime I make any chages to the website are not visible for some reason. I talked to support, but they cannot help me. This is an old website ( not created by me) and I don’t really want to make any chages to keep statistics.
Does anyone can tell me why links are not visible by majestic or ahrefs or moz prehaps?

How are you making updates?

Is the html broken?

I have the same problem . What do you mean by making updates? My Website is created in HTML. I cannot see any HTML issue. Its been a pain in the neck for a long time. I talked to hosting people but they don’t know nothing

Might be its due to PHP 7 issue you hosting have just upgraded

I found solution for this problem. Error 406 that is the bots for majestic and moz are blocked by the server, but thank you so much for your help anyway.

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