Who maintains PHP and why is it so good?

hey guys,

I have wiki’d this information, and apparently the man who created this PHP platform is retired and it is now maintained by the PHP group. Can any of you tell me where it is currently maintained? As in, what country? I have used PHP global variables many times for many different purposes, and I have always been impressed at what type of data it can return. Not only that, but the internal functions of the language are very impressive as well. I am going to stick with it for quite some time because I consider it to be just as resource rich and useful as Python.

Do you guys have any information in this regard? thanks.


It was Zend, I believe they changed their name. They were based in Switzerland. These are also the same people that have the PHP certification that is actually recognized.

am I to assume it’s such a reliable language because Swiss people are so educated and sophisticated?

Doubtful. You can probably assume that it’s as good as it is because of hard work done by a few elect that have really educated themselves not withstanding nationality.

same is true for Python, anaror.

First of I think the statement PHP is such a great or reliable language is very up for debate.

Truth is PHP has come a long way though. If you’ve been away for a few years then PHP7 surely must feel like a completely different experience. While one definitely shouldn’t dismiss the work done by the core team and the progress made in PHP the later years I really want to highlight some of the other contributors as well.

I’m quite sure we would not have been where we are if it was not for Facebook (their hacklang and HHVM really pushed PHP to a much faster runtime), not to mention Laravel, Symfony, packagist/composer and many others who develop frameworks and tools that make PHP a serious modern alternative.

As to who maintains it, you can read a lot more here

i write stuff from scratch. PHP won’t go away anytime soon, I wouldn’t think.

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