Whitelisting Domain to allow Access to Database

I just started game development. And I have a mySQL database that is storing all my highscores. I am hosting my game on www.newgrounds.com ; however, when I go to load the high scores off the site, it doesn’t load, which I am guessing means I did not properly whitelist them. (Since I can load the highscores in my development space, Unity)

Apparently their file hosting is done on ungrounded.net , so I tried this

< ?php
//Insert the domain your game is hosted on into the array
$cors_whitelist = [
‘uploads.ungrounded. net’,
‘ungrounded. net’,
‘www.newgrounds. com’,
‘www.ungrounded. net’


if (in_array($_SERVER[‘HTTP_ORIGIN’], $cors_whitelist))
header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: ’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_ORIGIN’]);

//rest of code follows

Note: spaces are added before .net and .com or z at beginning because new users arent allowed to put more than two links I guess ?

However, none of these domains give access to my game on the online host. If anybody has any ideas/pointers would be very appreciated.


The answer was making sure to have my protocl included in the whitelisting, i.e. https://

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And to have the correct domain to whitelist of course ! I had to use the site that hosted the files.

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