While fetching drop down value Query Issue - not executing

Dear All,

$quer3="SELECT * FROM `std_master`
                inner join products on products.std_id=std_master.std_id where products.school_id=:id  ";
$query = $conn->prepare($quer3);
$query->bindParam(':id', $schid);
$result= $query->execute();
echo "  <select class='select2 form-control custom-select' name='stdname' id='stdname'  >";
foreach ($result as $noticia)
                 echo "<option selected = 'selected' value='$noticia[std_id]'>$noticia[std_name]</option>"."<BR>";
                  echo  "<option  value='$noticia[std_id]'>$noticia[std_name]</option>";
echo "</select>";

this is my code while running it will execute infinity times and not fetching output…

what i did wrong…?


Why are you suppressing anything?

How do you know it will execute “initinity times”? Foreach loops don’t cause infinite loops. So what is actually happening?

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