Which tutorial do you want?


Just wondering which tutorial YOU want next.


Looks like you’re going to have to write 3 tutorials!


was hoping for a few more votes to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:




I think you guys might know before I say it…I’d like to see a tutorial using PHP and MySQLi for multiple admins. For example, one master admin and several ‘mini’ admins for projects like php malls. Let’s say I want to build a store and have vendors sign up to sell their products. They each need to admin their own store, but not have access to the entire inventory…only theirs. Sounds easy enough but getting it to actually work can be tricky.

Not any good tutorials for this that I have seen for free…thanks!


I’d do it in PDO if I was doing it, but I normally wouldn’t because adding multiple sites/users in the same setup/db is a bit of a problem security-wise. When you cet a breach it’s not one customer that get their site breached, it’s all your customers…

But it doesn’t really sound like such a big problem, just add a table for stores and connect everything up to the store id, so settings, users, categories, everything has a store_id column.


I did that in mysql but now have to redo it in mysqli. Just seemed like there was a better way. That sounded like it was too straight forward to be secure so I didn’t want to do it that way. It is a pretty easy solution though. Sites like ebay and etsy have it set up similar to my idea? Don’t one of them use php? Thanks.


Sites like that have own departments working only with security to make sure their code/systems are secure.

Would you be comfortable knowing one slipup anywhere would risk all your customers data? One error in the server config (by you or your host), one sql error, one escape error (xss), etc is all that it takes.

The store_id relation in the database shouldn’t be a problem though. And as long as you make absolutely sure you’ve done everything in your power to sort out the security issues, then sure. Just don’t be on shared hosting, use a reputable managed vps hoster, or manage it yourself if you have the time/knowhow :slight_smile:


Welcome to my world…

I gotta get it done. Thanks! Good luck with the tutorials. Have enjoyed the ones so far.


Updated my last post, good luck! Come back with questions if you have any :slight_smile:




Right now, I would welcome some tutorial about email scheduling 8)


How about a tutorial that teaches people how to do a google search first, before they post a question. Part two could be how to actually try some code before they post a question.


I feel “debugging” would be the “kind” version of that ^^


Thats if they have any code at all to start with…