Which online forum is phphelp.com using?


This interface of this online forum for PHPHELP.com looks great (i.e. this very online forum). Is it in PHP with combination of AJAX?

Just curious to know which online forum is it? Is it free and open-source, or anything that can be purchased?


I can also see the same online message board (forum) being used on this portal - https://tradingqna.com/
which one is it?

If you do a view source of the page in your browser, you will find information as to what it is.

I’m assuming its Discourse?

not sure why all the secrecy?

Thanks @whispers…exactly what I have been looking for.

Really not sure why all the secrecy… :slight_smile:

and its supposedly FREE to install…Available on github https://github.com/discourse/discourse

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