Where to go...

I need help getting pointed in the right direction. I have prior programming experience so I know the various control structures and operators pretty well. I’ve already ready through a lot of the PHP Manual at http://www.php.net.

What I’m looking to learn php for is this. I want to make a website that that works a basically like a blog. Also another section where I can post articles.

Now here’s the question. What should I be looking at. I know MySQL is commonly paired with PHP, but given what I want to do, is that really necessary? Any good tutorials that deal specifically with what I’m looking for? What I’d consider good is that it shows you step-by-step how to build it from the ground up. Also good example scripts are appreciated. I’m not looking to steal anything as I honestly want to have a good handle on the php language.

My apologies if this is a common/annoying question. :wink:

WordPress is a well-regarded blog package written in PHP. Not the tutorial you want, but good sample code.

Is MySQL necessary… depends on you and how big you want to go. Flat files are perfectly acceptable for “small” projects (small being reletive - at 1000 to 5000 records (depending on size) I’d consider switching over to a true DB). Only you know how big this project can be and whether the size and speed will eventually warrent MySQL. I personally prefer working with a DB rather then flat files - more overhead at the start up (installation, design) but it can take anything I can throw at it (size, speed, search capabilities).

As for tutorials I usually send people to http://www.codewalkers.com. There are many useful ones listed for beginners to the experienced programmer. You should probably browse all the sections through and find tutorials for your plans.

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