Where exactly should I put PHPMailer on my webpage?

I have a folder on my laptop in Downloads called PHPMailer-master.

I don’t understand how to use Composer on my webpage host.

I’m hoping I can manually upload the files.

Where should I put the contents of PHPMailer-master on my webpage? Is this critical?

Maybe in /home/myusername/etc/ ??

you dont need to use composer on the host. Just use it locally and upload the entire project (including the vendor dir) when you update the host

Thanks. Could you please tell me where I should put all this stuff?

I tried to use Pear, but the installer go-pear.php, which runs from: www.mywebpage.com/go-pear.php starts, but only installs 1 file, makes 4 directories and then stops. No amount of waiting or reloading gets it any further.

Maybe because I am just trying this out on a shared goDaddy host!

composer already put it in the vendor dir, just let it there, no need for pear then. Just test it on your machine and upload the files.

Where on the host should I put it? The Pear documentation mentioned “don’t put it in public_html” because that is, well, publicly accessible.

Maybe in /home/mywebpage/etc/ ??

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