where do I start

Hello, my name is Jon.

I’ve been web developing for about a year now using HTML and CSS. I want to move on and learn PHP for I can do more with my web pages. I’m really lost on what I should really look into first with PHP. What a should beginner learn first. I’ve used PHP on my site for a submission form. But I can’t seem to really do anything that I want to do on my website. I just don’t know where to start. So could anyone give me a idea what should be learned first and how I should go about an doing it? Also, I’m looking for someone that I can add on my Yahoo so if I have any quick question someone is there that knows what they’re doing and will be willing to help.

edit: I should also say that I’ve used others script like Javascript. But like Javascript its just something that I’ve either found off the net or something really easy to do like:



<body onLoad="msg()">

<script type="text/javascript">

function msg()

alert("This going to be a pop up window alerting me.");



Thanks Jon.

Come on anyone? :-?

I used a couple of tutorials

for php




hey can u send ur yahoo msngr ID…

then i can add u 2 my msngr list…

The major concept you need to understand when it comes to PHP and PHP type languages is they are server-side languages.

Javascript is a client-side language. PHP and similar languages run at the server level where Javascript and other like it run and get executed on clients local machine.

This the first crucial understanding you need to have when programming with Server-Side Languages. Google both client and server side languages and you should be able to find everything you need.

Also, another crucial step which will save you hours of time is learning good debugging techniques. If you learn good debugging skills more often than not you can figure out a problem on your own in less time.

Hope these tips help.

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