Where did it go?

I posted on Saturday asking for help, and today there’s no post. Why was it deleted?

I keep up with posts and I can’t say I remember one on saturday being posted. Glad you got the problem looked at however.

I recall a thread (don’t remember if it was by this OP), that had a 2nd post in it listed as being by the same OP, but the text was some sort of canned forum response, something like - this post has been deleted by the OP, it will be automatically removed within 24 hours if something something… It wasn’t clear if the OP posted a reply in their own thread, then deleted the reply, and the forum replaced the reply text (in case someone had seen that there was a reply in the thread) or if the reply was something the forum added relative to the first post in the thread being deleted.

If there’s an option for the thread starter to delete a thread, I would say the OP managed to do this him/her-self or there’s a bug in the software that deleted the whole thread when a reply in the thread was deleted.

There was another recent thread by a user midwest_design_firm, or similar name, that i’m pretty sure was posted on this forum last Thursday/Friday, about a php version upgrade and two deprecated mysql_ errors, that did disappear.

Perhaps this forum software has a security hole that allows things to be deleted by anyone who knows the appropriate url to submit data to. This software seems to be fairly minimal and lacking.

Ahh yes, I remember it now. The forum said the OP deleted/canceled the post and would be gone 24 hours later. Guess the “feature” worked. Apparently OP caused it. FYI: Such action does not show up in the Admin logs.

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