When the someone log in to site, post url is changing

I’m using flarum forum software in turkish language. Last days I found a fix for saving to titles as lowercase to database. The fix is just a one file. There is really interesting problem, when the user change or another member log in to site, the posted url is changing in database. There is a video showing this error, I would like to get your suggestions.

orginal file: https://github.com/flarum/lang-english/blob/master/extend.php
edited version for lowercase title: https://vk.com/doc125730363_513769641


slugs are most time automatic generated and must be unique. Big change that the update change the titles to lowercase and the slug will be automatically regenerated on the moment that the edited topic is updated into the database. Maybe it will still read the old slug and therefore changing the slug to something different. Anyway you could inform those Flarum guys about your problem.

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