when installing php script, I get a white screen


I bought a dating script from etown21. I am trying to install it. I get a white screen. I go to the read me file and it tells me if I get a white screen that all the files did not upload to the server. Well my server is local. So what I did is copy all the files to the HD in the root web dir. then I recopied them, still will not work. Etown21 had gone out of business and I am new to php. I went into the php file for install. But I did not understand any of it. Can someone please help me?


Sorry, but that’s just not how it works. We don’t provide support on third-party software, even when the third party shuts down. We won’t be holding your hand while you debug your script. We can only help you when you have a concrete PHP/MySQL related problem.


So that is a NONE help question? I think not being able to install a script is a problem. thank for nothing


You might want to treat people that do not know as much as you do a bit nicer.


Not being able to install your own script: sure, I’d be glad to help. Not being able to install someone else’s script: that’s right, tough luck.

I’d reply with stuff like this:

What have you tried to fix the problem?
What errors are you getting?
What have you searched online?
What did you get from those searches, and why did they not solve your problem?
Did you try Debugging?
Submit the 20-some lines of code around where the bug/error is.

But since this isn’t your script, I guess it’s safe to assume that the creator did all this (and ran into problems, and solved them). See what I’m gettin at? Third-party software is NOT supported by us. This is a forum for developers who create their own scripts, not use others’. And if you do, the same rules apply to it as the ones for homemade scripts: do your homework, try debugging/troubleshooting/bugtracing/etc. before you post here. ‘I can’t install this script’ is NOT a problem for us. ‘When trying to install this script, I ran into these errors: [list of errors]. Here’s the code it’s talking about: [snippet of code].’ is something we can try to tackle here though.

And no: I do not have to be nice to you :slight_smile: I’m not obligated to help you, and neither is anyone else. It’s my choice to help pplz out as much as possible here, but how the hell am I supposed to know just what your problem is when you say ‘I can’t install this third-party software’? I don’t know your situation. I don’t know your third-party software and I’ve never run into the same problem as you have right now. So give me some more detailed description about your problem and perhaps I’d be able to help you solve it.