What you think about PHP trends in 2016?

Since PHP 7 is on its way what are the best resources to learn it?
Can it compete with NodeJS ?
How PHP perfomance will change with the implementation of PHP7?
What problems will occur while adopting PHP7 as it comes.
Do you think Frameworks like Laravel will help keep PHP major programming language?

Any good resource on PHP5 should be good on PHP7, yes there are some changes - but there aren’t really that many. To me it seems like PHP7 is mostly about the new engine, finally removing mysql_*, and some nice additions which we’re used to seeing on the latest releases.

Compete on what level?

PHP is definitly not as hip, still has a lot more resources and people who know and feel comfortable about it though. I won’t deny liking Node, mostly because you’re able to focus on a single language through the entire stack. When working with Spring or Symfony in comparison to what’s available in Node though I just can’t help but feel they have some improvements to do before they’re “there”.

Some might argue the real advantage of Node is to push out small performant micro apps/api’s fast. But I’ve grown very comfortable using frameworks that handle routing, authentication, access control, orm’s etc. You can piece together frameworks on node/express (like Sails) - but I always feel like I’m (much faster) ending up bashing my head against some weird wall when using Node.

So maybe they just need time to fail some more before getting it right :slight_smile:

It’s claimed to be as performant as HHVM - which from my experience will give a serious performance boost to pretty much any app.

Outdated tutorials and mindsets - including hosting providers who refuse to update. Maybe we’ll finally see a push from small-time developers as well to use deployment tools / docker / vps.

I think Wordpress, Symfony and Laravel will keep PHP very relevant. The amount of resources and people who know the language and how easy it is to get started with will keep it popular for quite some time - I think.

This was posted on at least 4 other code forums.

OP, Do you your own homework!

Aw, and here I was thinking someone actually cared about something interesting

LOL! I laughed when I saw you replied to it. But, you didn’t know…

Well for all I am writing a blog post that why I need as much answers as I can! I will reference all the people who have answer these questions.

Ahmedkhan, what questions? You asked a about a new level of programming!

No questions were asked… What are they? We are here to help you…

Well I am writing a blog on PHP trends in 2016. For which I have ask the above questions. You can give me your views too. If you don’t think that the above questions are good for trends :slight_smile:

So, read JimL’s full report. He has helped you write your blog. PHP 7 is faster and leaner. It has nothing to do with NodeJS. They do not compare in my opinion. Two different worlds…

OP: This seems kind of strange. When I read blog posts I either expect to find the authors own thoughts and meanings - or a more “interview-esce” style where you gather feedback from other people. Though when interviewing you would have much better punch interviewing higher profiles in the web community, like main contributers on symfony/laravel, and perhaps even competing frameworks (like Node). The latter you would of course have to consider if they bring anything relevant - or are just like “omg nodejs > php ftw”

C’mon, that poor PR guy just needs keywords for some cheap SEO.

I haven’t added any link in here. And you are saying I want link for cheap SEO?

Well, let’s see…

CodeIgniter is “a fully baked PHP framework”.
Zend Framework is made by Zend which is a huge contributor to PHP.
Symfony is “a PHP framework for web projects”.
Yii is a “fast, secure, and professional PHP framework”.

However there’s definitely a good chance that CakePHP will move away from PHP… :slight_smile:

The main change made compared to earlier versions is the speed.

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