What types of themes would you like to see in Pluck


I just saw the “The End of Shirking: 20 Free Wordpress Themes…” http://www.noupe.com/showcases/end-of-shirking-20-free-wordpress-themes-fresh-from-september-2014-84905.html

I’m a plain type guy - I like Mundo http://newwpthemes.com/mundo-free-wordpress-theme/ and Rams http://www.andersnoren.se/teman/rams-wordpress-theme/.

What would type of themes would you like to see in Pluck?

(By the way, Pluck is open source, so we welcome your efforts)


I’d like to see themes that adhere to a set of standards for accessibility, aka https://wordpress.org/themes/tags/accessibility-ready


Archived list of themes


Could you made a list of for example best Wordpress themes (one or two column), free themes.

And we will convert them to pluck?


I don’t consider myself to have a great sense of style.
Perhaps we could just go by “most popular” or something.


My suggestion would be a generic bootstrap based theme. That would allow people to easily customize the look without having to know much about CSS. It would also provide a solid base to work from. I am a back end guy. My forte, nor my desire is not for front end work, so bootstrap comes in really handy for me to quickly and easily have a nice front end with little effort.