What test tool you recommend for developing a php/mysql software from scratch?

Just wonder what professional test tools you recommend for developing a php/MySQL software (web) from scratch?

We have a legacy php/MySQL software which is written from scratch (don’t use any framework.). We’re still adding new features over it, but one change often cause other problems.

So we want to enhance tests. What do you suggest to enhance tests, and what test tools and procedure you recommend? Or just share what you’re doing for code test or code quality control/assurance.

Our current test is that after developer finish a bug, move to a user to test. Because the user is not a IT professional, it often has problems immediately after the fix moved to the production.

any feedbacks are welcome. Thanks.

Version control system
Github, gitlab, etc. Assuming you do but always worth mentioning.

Branched structure
So you’re not working with the production version.

Write good tests. Figuring out what and how to test is a pretty big job. Lots of different ways to test, unit, integration, browser, etc.

Gitlab, travis, etc. Systems that can automatically run tests after a dev commits code to the vcs and deploy test environments automagically if a branch passes all tests/requirements.

The actual tools are less important. What’s most important is that you know them and are comfortable using them to get the best out of it.

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