What is everyone working on?

Yep, you mentioned that. Nice! Post a pix of it when you get it set up. Curious to see it.
Interested in how it will work, too. So, keep us up to date on this thread…

I would keep it to a single eye, since the effect is to transpose the screen in a eye trick. Using two would actually limit vision.

Sounds like a very cool project and I would be interested in pics later as well!

There is really -no- vision through the helmet.

The eye holes are blocked with ‘led’ circuitry…

So the only ‘real’ vision is through the live cam feed… that will be displayed in the one eye now.

Still… for costs alone… I’m going to start with the ‘1’ eye only :slight_smile:

If I get any motivation…Im actually going to try and implement some facial/object recognition (not any true AI stuff)… and see if that can add a little bit of ‘fun’ to the theme. (basically just shooting for when a person/face is recognized, just have some sort of techy 'box’folow the face around…etc)

If anyone every wants to get into Arduino stuff… let me know! Happy to share or help!

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Whispers, I had downloaded some code that did facial recognition. It was free, I think on Github.
I never worked with it. Or, you could use Facebook’s type of code. I had found tons of free open source
code for facial recognition. Like OpenFace on Github: OpenFace So, you should be able to get that code. Depends a lot on what language you need it to be written in. Sounds like a fun project. Do a Google search on “open source facial recognition code” and you will find tons of apps for this part! Keep us up to date on this one! Thanks!

I wish I was open to use whatever software I wanted…

The problem (outside of knowledge alone… LOL) is…

I do not know of any platform that will:

1.) Do/provide a LIVE feed
2.) Allow overlays/animation
3.) Allows external communication for real-time display updates on the HUD display.

I’ll out myself here… hahaha…

but before I do… disclaimer.

*I know this is largely not supported.
*I know it has security issues.

But I am using Flash (Adobe) for the current video feed and overlay, animations.

Supports external webcam feeds
Allows me to do whatever animation or overlays I want (visuals, menus…etc)

I have installed LAMP… so I am using a mix of PHP and Flash (ActionScript) socket connections to communicate back and forth, to communicate between the ‘outside data’ and the RPi/Flash platform.

This being an off-line (so to speak) prop/project… the security stuff if not a huge issue/concern

** Same with my BarBot project! (I’ll post on that soon too!) :slight_smile:

** Off to read up on OpenFace!

Thanks for the link


I just saw: Python

So already looks like it could be a replacement if I cant get the current Flash to ‘play ball’ lol

Hmmm, I don’t think Flash is a good way to go. I would think a 3D game type of code system would be better for an overlay system. On a Raspberry 3B+ or the such, you can use C++, Javascript, HTML5, Python and other languages. Of these, I would think it would be fairly easy to use HTML5 on a webpage and basically merge two feeds into one to form the overlay. One from the live camera and one from the overlay code.

A quick 30 second check with my best friend Google found this example of HTML5 displaying a live webcam on a webpage: Live Cam Example Not sure if this is anything that can help, but, another way you could use a canvas and paint this page onto the canvas. Doing that would let you control various parts of the canvas as you deemed important. Like the face-scanner code displays or a RSS feed or other “live” feeds you might want on the screen…

Just an idea…

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I am currently working on developing a tool that can correct my coding mistakes and can make me feel like a ghost lol:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I want to make a tool that can auto-detect mistakes and preset my plans for coding and development but my projects. I don’t want to beat anyone or compete with anyone. I focus on inventing something new by learning from my atmosphere every day.
Initially, I had a problem understanding complex codes, but now I am trying learning failing and repeating. Does anyone want to add their comments on how I can improve?

Not sure what your question really is. But, use Netbeans. It is a solid IDE and will show errors to help you fix your code. Otherwise ask questions here and we will be glad to help you out.

NetBeans sucks, like REALLY BADLY and I don’t even suggest it for working with Java. PHPStorm is my preference though Eclipse worked well for me in the past.

I’m working on some performance issues with concurrency and parallel programming. Prototyping my suggested fix to ensure that it will work across the distributed system.

Don’t do much with Java. Never tried PHPstorm, but, will look into it.

I’m designing a Neural Net of sorts. But, having issues getting it all started.
Seems that most people are using Python for these. Never used it much, so having to learn some of it…

Well, not for a general user! Too costly! I stay away from subscription services as much as I possibly can. For an IDE, it is advanced and has tons of extra features over Netbeans. But, for general or newbies, it costs a monthly fee that is a bit high for some. Just IMHO…

I am ressurecting old bad code so I have some live (yet extremely old looking) websites to link to from my portfolio.

Updating my biggest and oldest and nastiest project to work on PHP7 (removing lots of mysql_* and eregi and other things)

The never ending quest to transform a fairly simple SPA built with jQuery in 2013 into React and VueJS versions.
The 95% of the html/css/js of both React and VueJS versions was completed one and two years ago but it seems if I’m not updating my front end JS projects daily I’m going to come back to a project after a few months and be unable to build it because of every NPM and Webpack error possible. :’(

Trying to figure out how to get the VueJS build commands to co-exist with the common PHP habit of naming the public folder of your site “public” instead of “dist”. This is either irrationally difficult to configure or I’m just really really really really dumb. ( I am willing to pay someone to fix this problem BTW )

Trying to convince a relative that their idea for a website is really just a 1-city limited version of Google Search + Google Maps and they should not even consider going down the path of reinventing any of those wheels. Also when all of your User Stories start with going to Google.com and searching and the top result is always your website… well… your whole thought process is backwards…

Netbeans is really really slow on even tiny php projets in one update and then fast enough to not be too annoying in another update and the back again in the next update. I typically only need something like Eclipse or Netbeans when the bug is so odd that I need to involve XDebug and step through the code execution.

I know a frontend expert if you’re interested

I don’t think I have enough money for an actual expert. Been looking around on fiverr but no luck so far.

Messaged you… We can talk there

Created a repo for a mobile app I am toying with. Have a couple user stories fleshed out along with some TODO’s

Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, all.

I have a two week vacation that has let me get back into coding rather than the higher level stuff I deal with at work. Because of that, I’m feeling less burnt out and doing some mobile development, I have an app almost ready to roll out that will be free and without ads that I hope to be releasing to the play stores after I can get the dev licenses January or February.

Nice on the vaca and the app… Never did an app before, but, was thinking of doing a small game at some point. Was thinking of taking an old AppleII game and update it, well, make it new, but, same type of game. Just never got it all going as yet. I have a PC, so added in a virtual MAC on it. Works great! Don’t use Mac’s, but, was able to get it working.

Right now, permanent vacation going on, so learning about “Multiple Input, Mixed Data, Deep Learning, Convoluted Neural Networks” … Interesting stuff. I found a site about computer learning vision systems that has most of what I need. Just attempting to get a sample working just to do something! Seems like the neural net parts are easy enough, the inputs, weights and outputs are giving me issues… Oh well, that is what programming it all about. Try, debug, try again… Over and over again until done! Ha!

And, Merry Christmas to all those celebrating it!

I was contacted by Vanderbilt University to be an Adjunct professor… That would be an interesting item on the resume.

It’s not a single item anymore, but you can just buy the 89$ version and use it forever when disabling the “automatic renewal” checkbox. I still have some version from 2016 running well enough with some features of PHP 7.

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