What is a "content farm," and how do I avoid becoming one?


A number of small-time social networking sites I use (I shun mega sites like Facebook) have been branded by Google as “content farms” and denied placement on Google search results.

I’m building a small-time social networking site for a small network of friends, but it may grow over time as friends-of-friends, and friends-of-friends-of-friends come on board.

What is a “content farm,” and how do I make sure my site doesn’t become one?



Thanks for the link. So would a social networking site in which people post messages, blog entries, personal statuses, question and answers, etc., be considered a content farm? The wiki article says that content farms hire paid writers to provide low quality content. But I know of some social sites in which people post public content by interacting with each other that google has branded content farms.


Yeah a social network site would not become a farm content if you don`t want it.
If you try to populate your website with links and words which are not related to your website then it will become a farm content

Like the websites which saves and generate pages for google when you are looking for something.

one example:
your website is a Social network site and you will post on your index page random words and links for google to send you more visitors(download mp3. xxx movies and so on…) or you will put keywords in your meta-tags which are neither relevant for your website.

Hope you know what i mean, hard to explain because there is no model, you know a page like that when you are landing from google to a page which has nothing to do with what you`re looking for.


Yeah, I know what meta tags are. Thanks.

So don’t put misleading meta tags in my html, and google won’t flag me as a content farm…


yes just dont try to fool the big G, he knows anything ;D