What Features or Modules would you like to see in Pluck CMS?


Pluck is designed to be simple and extendable.
So what capabilities would you like to see?


I’d like to see more modules for things like Dribble, Behance, Flickr, Facebook, and Blogger, Wordpress.

I’d like to see the blog updated, perhaps using Discus to control commenting, or something like this https://wordpress.org/plugins/social/


I’d like to see a simple shopping cart

Like GetSimple, perhaps?
Get Simple

or gpEasy



Its not finished module for pluck - its for 4.6.


I have read do not understand.


I’d like to see a “recent posts” module, with the admin ability to select the number of recent posts, or the number of recent posts, withing the last x days/weeks/months, or just the latest post (1 newest)