What does this error mean? non-numeric value

Hi, I am moving an old site and database from php 5 to 7 and have created a connection to the new db in mysql. I am now encountering this error:

Warning : A non-numeric value encountered in /usr/home/buyer.com/pages/gold3.php on line 265

this is the line:

 <td align="right" bgcolor="#333333" data-mft-header="PER PENNY WEIGHT (DWT)">$<?php echo number_format (($GoldPrices->getColumnVal('price') * $GoldPrices->getColumnVal('rate')  * 0.0208), 2) ; ?></td>

Does this indicate that the column for price is in the wrong format? This is the value in that column: 1910.00

The error means that one of the values being used in the math expression wasn’t anything that php could understand as or convert to a number. Note: a string containing a number, will be converted to a number by php and doesn’t produce an error like this.

One of the values is probably either an empty string or a string starting with a non-numerical, non-white-space character. You would need to use var_dump() on each value to see what they actually are.

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