what does "/n" mean?



I just couldn’t figure it out



Not sure about /n.

n and r are newlines.



sorry for that typo, I meant /n

Thanks for the info BTW


LOL, you still have it wrong. :)

n means newline as ManiacalV mentioned. It should be used for instance when you are echoing HTML data to your browser. Using the newline syntax will make your source code more readable and help with debugging.


carella - thanks for going a little more in depth.

Along with formatting plain text emails, carella is right. If you use multiple echos for HTML code:

echo "line 1"; echo "line 2"; echo "line 3";
your source code will look like:

line 1line 2line 3

which is a pain to debug.

Plus you can’t use in a plain text email - it just shows as a
. So using n (or rn it appears depending on your os and such) is the only way to get a new line when sending text mail.

Wow - for such a simply answer this thead is getting a little long…