What are the Database tbles or fields required for creating Report for Employees?


I have a task where I need to create a dashboard kind of thing where only the Admin can login and then view employee’s report such as his/her Travel and Leave data.

I have right now created tables such as Users(Employee Table), User Access, Trips, Departments. Apart from these can anyone guide me which other tables would be required?


There is no way for anyone to answer that. What do the stakeholders want? What will the reports show?

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Just look up the documentation, it should represent any atomic entity like “the user” etc.


Its for weekly report to keep track of employee’s leave and travel details. So as to approve them on the basis of their performance.


I assume there are some specs supplied with some sort of example of the report(s) they want. If not you need to sit down with whoever it is who wants this system to figure out what reports they want to get out of it (like actually make report template(s) with the fields they want)

You will then have the required fields, and can then work with creating the db schema to fill the requirements. It will be much easier to help with any schema related questions if you have this sorted first. Atm it’s an impossible to answer question as we have no way of knowing what the report(s) should contain. We don’t even know if it’s one or multiple reports.

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I have been told that report should contain only the Travel/Leave from and to date, places where they had visited. Its a simple report showing graph kinda things with data based on weekly report. as of now the reports are manual and hence they want data directly from database shown in any format.


then just use a plain text field.


The tables or fields that I had mentioned earlier will that be okay?