Welcome back

Well first of all for those who don’t know. My name is Paul. I have have been working with PHP for about 4 years.

I have been very involved in this domain and was sad to see it continually have issues. I Contacted the former Owner and founder of this domain and Offered to purchase and maintain the domain. I have subsequently moved it to my server and hope to keep it active as it has been in the past.

I encourage you to drop in here and introduce yourself (Users that have ZERO posts for a long period of time are removed) if nothing else to give you ONE post.

Suggestions are welcomed. Happy coding and thanks again to BUILDER (aka Steve).

Hello All,
My name is Royce and I have been working with PHP for the past 5 years or so. I have dealt with various other languages along the way.
I was a frequent visitor to phphelp.com and left during the time of issues. I am going to try to come back often and do all I can to help.

Awesome to have you back…

I hope to regain much of what was lost during the times of “Issues”. Any suggestions let me know.


I have been using PHP for around 6 years now. I used to hang around this forum and answer a few questions. In the past few years, I organized some conferences in Montreal and promoted PHP all around.

Since the forum is now back up and running, I will probably come answer a few questions once in a while. I will probably skip the beginner questions, I’ve answered them way too often.

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