Ok, so i have been working on this site for my school now for awhile. I got some changes in (minor things, spelling and order of the pages to be displaied)

So I change the spelling mistakes and the order in which the pages come up and BOOM! The whole script no longer redirects the user.

All fields are required and at the end I use the header() method to redirect them to step2.php

WELL IT DOESNT WORK!!! At least it doesn’t work anymore! Someone please take a look at this code so I do not bash my head into a wall anymore (I’v got a rather large goose egg up there already)

//getting all the fields from the form

$to = "[email protected]";
$dsn = $_REQUEST['dsn'];
$grad = $_REQUEST['grad'] ; 
$from = $_REQUEST['Email'] ; 
$name = $_REQUEST['Name'] ; 
$hphone = $_REQUEST['HPhone'] ; 
$wphone = $_REQUEST['WPhone'] ; 
$Concentration = $_REQUEST['Concentration'] ;
$yesno = $_REQUEST['yesno'] ;
$yesno1 = $_REQUEST['yesno1'] ;
$yesno0 = $_REQUEST['yesno0'] ;
$yesno2 = $_REQUEST['yesno2'] ;
$dvcu = $_REQUEST['dvcu'] ;
$info = $_REQUEST['Message'] ;
$Mail = $_REQUEST['Mail'] ;
$c1 = $_REQUEST['C1'] ;
$c2 = $_REQUEST['C2'] ;
$c3 = $_REQUEST['C3'] ;
$c4 = $_REQUEST['C4'] ;
$c5 = $_REQUEST['C5'] ;
$c6 = $_REQUEST['C6'] ;
$c7 = $_REQUEST['C7'] ;
$c8 = $_REQUEST['C8'] ;
$c9 = $_REQUEST['C9'] ;
$c10 = $_REQUEST['C10'] ;
$c11 = $_REQUEST['C11'] ;
$c12 = $_REQUEST['C12'] ;
$c13 = $_REQUEST['C13'] ;


//setting up the admin e-mail so that the user & admin get a e-mail

$headers = "From: $from"; 
$subject = "Graduation Submission Form -:- DeVry Student Services"; 

//placing the fields I want in the e-mail into an array for one by one processing
$fields = array(); 
$fields{"grad"} = "Expected Graduation: ";
$fields{"Name"} = "Name: "; */
$fields{"dsn"} = "D#: ";
$fields{"HPhone"} = "Home Phone: ";
$fields{"dvcu"} = "Cell Phone: ";
$fields{"WPhone"} = "Work Phone: ";
$fields{"Mail"} = "Mailing Address:n";
$fields{"Concentration"} = "Concentration: ";
$fields{"yesno"} = "Attend The Ceremony: ";
$fields{"yesno0"} = "Requires Assistance: ";
$fields{"yesno1"} = "Registered at: ";
$fields{"Message"} = "Option Information:n"; 

//these are all those nasty little checkboxes for the degree programs you see on the form
//the if statement was the only way i could figure to print them if they were ok or not

if($c1 == 'ON') {$fields{"C1"} = "nAssociate of Science in Electronics & Computer Technology: ";} 
if($c2 == 'ON') {$fields{"C2"} = "nAssociate of Science in Health Information Technology: ";} 
if($c3 == 'ON') {$fields{"C3"} = "nAssociate of Science in Network Systems Administration: ";} 
if($c4 == 'ON') {$fields{"C4"} = "nAssociate of Science in Web Graphic Design: ";} 
if($c5 == 'ON') {$fields{"C5"} = "nBachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering Technology: ";} 
if($c6 == 'ON') {$fields{"C6"} = "nBachelor of Science in Business Administration: ";} 
if($c7 == 'ON') {$fields{"C7"} = "nBachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology: ";} 
if($c8 == 'ON') {$fields{"C8"} = "nBachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems: ";} 
if($c9 == 'ON') {$fields{"C9"} = "nBachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology: ";} 
if($c10 == 'ON') {$fields{"C10"} = "nBachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming: ";} 
if($c11 == 'ON') {$fields{"C11"} = "nBachelor of Science in Network & Communications Mgmt: ";} 
if($c12 == 'ON') {$fields{"C12"} = "nBachelor of Science in Technical Management: ";} 
if($c13 == 'ON') {$fields{"C13"} = "n42 Hours Upper Division Requirements Met: ";}

//process the e-mail and place the values inside of the body[code]
$body = “We have received the following information:nn”; foreach($fields as $a => $b){ $body .= sprintf("%s%sn",$b,$_REQUEST[$a]); }

//headers for both admin e-mail and user e-mail
$headers2 = “From: DeVry University”;
$subject2 = “Thank you for your submission”;
$autoreply = “Your application is being processed. You maybe contacted to varify any submitted data.”;

//check for required fields (pretty much al of it is required so if your testing this make sure you fill out the junk
if($from == ‘’) {print “You have not entered an email, please go back and try again”;}
else if($name == ‘’) {print “You have not entered a name, please go back and try again”;}
else if($grad == ‘wrong’) {print “Please select a graduation session”;}
else if($dsn == ‘’) {print “Please enter your DeVry Student ID Number”;}
else if($yesno == ‘wrong’) {print “Please Choose if you will be attending the Graduation Ceremony”;}
else if($yesno0 == ‘wrong’) {print “Please Choose if you need assistance durring Graduation Ceremony”;}
else if($yesno1 == ‘wrong’) {print “Please Choose what campus you registered to become a student”;}
else if($c6 == ‘ON’ && $Concentration == ‘wrong’) {print “Please select a Concentration from the drop down box”;}

//if all is valid then start the send
else {
$send = mail($to, $subject, $body, $headers);
$send2 = mail($from, $subject2, $autoreply, $headers2);


//EVERYTHING BELOW THIS LINE WORKS… IT JUST NO LONGER REDIRECTS!!! I get the e-mail and all the information properly, but the header(“Location: Http:…”)
//no longer redirects the user to the next step!

//all i did was change the text from if “yes” pointing to step 3 to step 2 and vice versa!!!

	case "Yes":
		if($send) {header("Location:$name&dsn=$dsn&from=$from&yesno1=$yesno1" ); print "I got here";} 
		else print "We encountered an error sending your mail, please notify [email protected]";
	case "No":
		if($send) {header("Location$name&dsn=$dsn&from=$from");print "I got here2";} 
		else print "We encountered an error sending your mail, please notify [email protected]";



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