Website sidebar drops to bottom due to </div>

My website says many of the things which Anti-American sources want to censor.
My HTML code can correct this problem with a simple 2 at the end of all the code. However each time I delete 4 they pop right back on the page. 4 of the divide codes “” make my sidebar bar go to the bottom of the page. Cannot stop this from happening does anyone know what this is, and how to correct it?

Can you show us the HTML and CSS you’re having trouble with, as simply as possible? The shorter the code that reproduces the problem, the easier it’ll be for us to help you.

Forgive for the delay in getting back to you on this.
The code is just The problem is when I delete the code down to 4 of the divide codes just pop back in place as if a hidden php code is making it a problem for me to erase all 4 divide codes in HTML.

The 4 HTML divide codes are missing from the answer I just posted.
Maybe communism (God forbid) already has some wicked A.I. script running in my computer for censorship.

Try adding your code to the question again, adding three backticks ``` before and after. This will format it as code in the forum.

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