Website Link confusion

[font=verdana]Hello. I have taken over a website for a non-profit organization, so I’m learning as I go. Currently, when a link to another website is clicked on, another tab opens up with my website followed by /other site - almost as if the other site is actually supposed to be a page, not its own.

This only occurs on the pages that are set to php; whereas the html pages link as they should.

Where do I go to find this code? What should I be looking for? I’ve searched all mxml, as, & php files for this site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you![/font]

Can you give the url where this is happening so we can see what’s going on?


Click on the sponsor ads on the home page to see this.

Thank you!

Your ads are using flash so this has nothing to do with PHP or HTML. You will need to check the flash source and make sure that http:// is added to the links.

That was only an example. If you noticed in the pop-up window you would’ve seen the ata website, then another link after the /. The purpose is to go to that company’s site. It does it on several other pages, BUT only on flash pages, not the HTML pages.

I’m not sure I understand. I looked at your site and the entire index page is flash. There’s nothing else.

If you want to post the flash source file I can take a look at the actionscript, otherwise I don’t think anyone here can help.

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