Website design breaks on faulty credentials

Created a simpel website, where a part is public available ,but for other info, sign-in is required.

It is a simple framework.
Build up using div’s

This loads a logo, shows the title , the menubar and loads the ‘home.php’ webpage as front page. Sofar so good, when calling the login form from the menu it is loaded inside the #content

When i enter the correc credentials , all goes well , but when the provided credentials are not correct, the site breaksdown and only the login form is shown with the message of the error…
When i then enter the correct credentials, the website design is restored as it call the initial index.php.

I cant get this working that the website design remains intact .

Any help is appreciated

Can you show the code that is involved in the login process? Are user accounts a single login username and password for everyone? Or do users make their own accounts, and are the stored to a database?

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