webservice consumption using nusoap


this question is related to nusoap client which is my php web site.I want to use a dot net webservice on my php portal the method in the webservice returns the whole data in an xml string which can be parsed but i doubt whether the webservice recognize the parameters/arguments which are being passed to the method.

here goes the code:

<?php include("nusoap.php"); $s=new soapclient('http://www.windsgfs.com/Services/Data.asmx?wsdl','wsdl'); $s->setDefaultRpcParams(true); $param=array('startFrom1'=>'','startTo1'=>'','shipName1'=>'Wind Spirit','eventName1'=>'','region1'=>''); $result=$s->call('GetEvents',$param); $xml1=$result["GetEventsResult"]; ?> alert(<?=xml1?>); the javascript alerts the whole xml document and the parameters are not recognised. how to go about it. any help would be appreciated

Why can not you debug, i.e. print_r($result)… then maybe change parameters and again check what is returned in $result.

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