Web page with retrieved list form data base

Hi all,
Im hoping Im posting this to the right place.

Im wondering if following can be achieved with PHP.

I would like to make db where I would store some things like image, heading, text… and then I would need php code that will retrieve these stuff in predefined format (I suppose I would need css for that) on my web page. So I figure, appearance is not important but functionality, how to achieve this is.

Something like this: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/525/exampleg.png/

I would appreciate any advice what so ever.


Well, normally, you would store the photos or images into a folder on the server. It causes a lot of headaches to store them in the actual database. Then, you store the info such as picture name or whatever inside the database.

Then, in your page that displays the image, you query the database and pull the data you need.
The images are displayed using tags pulling the address of the image that is stored in the folder on the server.

There is a lot to do to get all this working. I would suggest starting with the folder layout on the server, the database and then do some testing showing images from the server… Good luck!

Thank you for your reply, I managed to do something but I still cant get my head around one thing.

Subject of matter is is Joomla extension which i downloaded and installed on localhost.

I found place in code where I can insert insert image and I managed to do it. But what I would like to do is to catch article category ID in variable and assign image depending on category in which particular article belongs to since I would like unique background image for every category.

I know where in code I should insert this but I don’t know how to catch articles category ID in variable because I’m not so familiar with classes yet. If someone could take a peak in this code and help me with this… I would send you this file to your e-mail.

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