Web hosting question

I have done business with the person in the past and he told that his domains are up at GoDaddy!. GoDaddy! is going to charge him $100.00 a year for two domains www.blackhawkranch.com and another website domain (I forgot its name). It’s your standard website (though it needs updating real bad :)) with text, pictures and videos, maybe a little php thrown in. Does that sound reasonable? If not, could anyone recommend a good hosting (ISP) company that has reasonable prices that will be able to handle this? I would normally do an in depth research myself, but right now I’m going through some family personal problems that is more important. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


To be honest $8 a month is a pretty good rate, I pay around $90.

Thanks, I’m glad it’s reasonable for I don’t have time to deal with this now.

Wait a minute,

$100 to register domains? As in $50 a domain for the year?

Or for hosting?

Great deals on VPS. I host my dev server here.


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