web form

hi all, need some help here with a form ( willing to pay for set up )

my problem is that the form I created ( see https://sites.google.com/site/aoifaireland/diary-dates ) in SerifWebPlus is processed by Serif on a non-secure site so produces a “secure site” error.
Can anybody produce a form for me like the one we’re using but processed on our own secure server ?
(not google server )

looking forward to hearing from you…

apologies, we had to remove the form as it was causing problems.

it can now be found at http://www.aoifapublications.com/diarydatew.html
what I need is to have similar form capturing the data entered and email to 2 email addresses, that’s all
we have a secure server with access to database ( if needed ).

Kevin Rubio did a job for me before… not interested this time Kevin ?

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