Web Developer and Designer

I am a freelance developer in HTML5/CSS3, PHP, Ajax, and JQuery.

My company is http://www.jrpepp.com/ where you can see my work, such as http://www.thegrocerylist.us/ that I’m currently working on. I also working on http://www.blissfulpicture.com/. In addition to being a web developer, I also have a College Degree in Computer Graphics: Interactive Media and Game Design. I’ll also have been taking additional college courses in Web Graphics and Motion Graphics (After Effects). I can give your website an interactive look, pun intended. ;D

My freelance price is negotiable; however, the more creative freedom you give me the lower the fee will be. 8)
If you have a the website layout set in cement and absolutely has to be done a certain way, then I recommend you doing yourself. I know the last sentence sounds harsh, but I just had a potential client tell me that a website she wanted had to be a certain color, be done with a template that she already bought that was done in WordPress She keep on saying all you have to do is modify the template, I thought to myself if it is that easy why don’t you do it yourself. Needless to say I told her to find someone else, I feel sorry for that poor sole. :frowning: My point is that if you are teetering on doing yourself or having it done by someone else, my suggestion would to be try it yourself first. If it fails, then hire someone else, but with the understanding that he/she is probably going to do it their way. Don’t put handcuffs on a person right off the bat. I can understand if this is a company that a person was working for, but this is Freelance work. The freelancer will have different tools to get the job done. Just because you like WordPress doesn’t mean that person will and that it will take longer to do because of it (Another sour item with that client).

Made any money yet, Strider?

Just came across this post while cleaning up unanswered posts.

The grocerylist was cute. You might want to create a few templates like that one and give them
away with pay rates for helping other to get them running. Seems like templates are very hot
at this time online in the programming communities… Just an idea…

Good luck in your business!

Good to see your resume. All the best!

Looking for someone to redesign our company website. www dot mycompumore dot com

This is actual ? because page returns: Error 404: NOT FOUND!

effektiveddd, replace the " dot " with a period… Silly !

And, mac41, Strider or Ryan can help you I am sure, I peeked at the site. Perhaps you should
tell us what you are thinking of doing with it. Or what you want done. If is it something simple,
we can help on this site. A total rewrite would require hiring someone.

Give us some idea on what you are looking for with help… If you already hired someone let us know
and we can mark this solved… Thanks…

The iframed design has to go. No reason for it.

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