web-based system

You are required to develop a simple web-based system that will support the managing of FYP
in the department. The system will consist of three modules, i.e. student, lecturer, and
Before the registration started, in the system’s database a list of students fulfilling the
requirements for FYP is already available. The same goes to list of lecturers that are available
for supervision.
In the student module, a student who visits the site would be able to register for FYP by keying
in their details which includes: Name, Matric, Email and Phone. The system will approve
/disapprove it by checking the student list whether the particular matric number is in the list. If a
registration is approved, the student will get a generated username and password. The student
then can login to register for a supervisor with topics she/he is interested to work on. On this
page, student will see a list of available supervisor with their topics of interests.
The submitted data should be stored in a database which is maintained on a server. The webpage
and the server should interact with each other at every step of the registration process. A
supervisor who has already had 8 registered students will not be shown in the list anymore. A
student who has been already registered before cannot do another registration. As a means of
checking, if a student who has chosen a supervisor login again to choose another one, a message
will be prompt that she/he will be deregistered from the previous choice and will be registered to
the new chosen one. A student is only allowed to change once. Meaning that after a change has
been done, the username will be deactivated.
For the lecturer module, a lecturer who visits the site would be able to register his/her topics of
interests by keying in Name and ID no. The system will approve /disapprove it by checking the
supervisor list whether the particular ID no is in the list. If a registration is approved, the student
will get a generated username and password. The lecturer then can login to fill in the topics of
his/her interests. From this page, the supervisor will be able to navigate to the list of students
registered under his/her supervision.
In the administration module, the FYP administrator can login to see the list of students under
each supervisor with the list of topics chosen.
The database must fully implement the registration process, maintaining the submitted
information. The server and page behavior must meet the requirements listed above. In addition,
(basic) help facilities should be provided. The separate page for the lecturer and administration
should also be working so that he/she can see the students currently enrolled.
The specific look and feel of the pages as well as the database implementation is left
intentionally vague, allowing considerable design freedom on your part. However, the page
should have a nice look and the code should satisfy common standards. You may also add
additional features to your page. For example, you can add JavaScript and/or PHP functions
which can validate the name (for example, that the field isn’t empty), matric, phone (that it has
only numbers in it), and email fields.

What do you mean? We all here are required to develop this for you??
Do your project yourself, and if you have any particular question - you can post it here.

That’s what i thought…

lol… :smiley:

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