Wanted - How to install a PHP step debugger IDE ?

I am new to PHP but not to programming in general. See my introductory post in the Greetings forum.

I SUCCESSFULLY followed the instructions on www.glump.net/howto/desktop/setup-a-portable-dokuwiki-instance-in-windows (sorry, the forum won’t let me post that as a link yet) and was able to install a working PHP ONLY server (no Apache or MySQL) to run the DokuWiki PHP application. Worked perfectly.

However … I want to be able to add some sort of an IDE that will allow me to single-step through the PHP code line-by-line with variable monitoring so I can see what the code is doing as I experiment with the language. Can anyone help?

PS: If the ONLY viable solution to get such an IDE/debugger setup is to install XAMPP or one of its cousins like Bitnami I will, but for now I would prefer to not be running an active webserver stack on my machine and just focus on PHP as a standalone programming environment.

I’m not sure of your intent.

NetBeans and PHPStorm are good php ide’s


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