want to display additional information of registerd user while uploading the products of same user


i have made a website where people resgister their details of them and products.

they have to enter the following details in form

Name of company

name of the product

company address

email id


mobile number contact


brief details about their company

after filling all details user is registered on website.

user can then login with email id and pwd.

now after login …user will get a page where he can upload the photos of products images and their price, so now my question is that when he finishes uploading (|by clicking on upload button) the product images and price text box …then on final uploaded webspage it should show all other things which he registerd before (company name , mobile number etc) along with images and price…hence the main question that user does not need to enter mobile and address while uploading images and filling proce …but on the final page it should show mobile and address along with price and images…as user is not going to enter mobile and address again and again as he will have multiple products to upload.

thanks in advance .

You need to tie the information back in some way. I would assume this goes into a database? That entry would be related to a user, or company? That would be how you would do it.

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