Want some coding help in php,mysql


i require help from php my sql developers / programmers / coders.

i am new to php

i am making a website to display product catalogue of different sellers

i have 2 forms on website which are connected to two different tables

first form have text box -

1.company name
2.product name
3.mobile number
7.email id
8.user id

after filling this form all details would go to mysql database and user will be able to login with userid and password field.

after logging in with user id and password…user will be able to upload the pics of the products along with the price in a form by uploading 6 images and putting price on text box…as there are oly 7 fields to be filled in this new form (6 for images and 1 textbox for price)

so now if somebody sees his products …then 6 images and price should be dispalyed by default…but i want his previus details also should be dispalyed which he registed for the first time before logging (company name,product name,mobile number,address,city,country,email id)

can anyone give me solutions., as i am new to pho mysql,javascript…

thanks for your help in advance.

This was already asked. And I followed up with a question. Don’t create duplicate topics. And if you are looking for this to be done for you, there is a freelancer section where you can hire someone.

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